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01July Project Progress at Post Funding Stage

The Project has officially ended by February 2013 and final report has been submitted to EC (EACEA) for evaluation and grading.

The Project has led to MaritimeTraining platform ( where a number of products are included related to maritime. The platform has its own unique assessment system for evaluating any ICT based project funded by the EU. When any project funded by EU is submitted for evaluation, they are evaluated with a set criteria to be selected as “Good Practice” product where they will eventually be promoted in the MaritimeTraining Platform. For more information please visit:

The platform was recently presented at European Maritime Day 2013 in a workshop. It received a decent interest from the audience. A number of leaflets were distributed and individual contacts made during the event are being enlighten with more information on platform.

The platform is being maintained at post funding stage with news and updates. New products are being added to the platform once they are available. The existing products of the platform are open to public and introduced below:

  • MarTEL (Maritime Test of English)
  • EGMDSS (Short and Long Range GMDSS Certification)
  •  NetOSKAR (Maritime Competence Assessment Tool)
  • MarEng and MarEng Plus (Maritime English Learning Tools)
  • MEP (Maritime Training Courses)
  • M’aider (Maritime Aid’ Development for Emergency Responses)
  • Surpass (Training in Ship Automation)
  • CAPTAINS (Communication and Practical Training Applied in Nautical Studies)
  • Rank-UP (Creating Career Opportunities for Able Seafarers)


More information about each selected product of MaritimeTraining, please follow the link:


If you are a project consortium, a MET or an individual and have worked or working on an innovative maritime product based on Information, Communication Technology (ICT) and you want to promote it, you can submit it to IMPACT consortium for evaluation. Visit for more information. 

You can download:

More news will be available in the coming months.
15March 1st International Maritime Training Conference was held in Slovenia

The 1st International Maritime Training Conference under IMPACT project was held in Bled, Slovenia on 19/20 November 2012 with a great attraction from its target groups.

The conference was organised by Slovenian partner, Spinaker d.o.o. with support from IMPACT partners. The conference attracted over 40 attendees representing major bodies across Europe e.g. MET Institutions, Policy Makers, and Stakeholders etc. At the conference each partner gave presentations on their own/allocated products. The results of the conference such as presentations in video form and powerpoints slides are downloadable from the following link: Partnership believes that the impact of the conference was satisfactory after analysing the qualitative and quantitative indicators after the conference such as:

  • response to the forum: A number of users contributed to the forum and feedback received were positive.
  • feedback from target groups: Continuous feedback was received from the target groups through project website, events, conferences and so on. Several improvements were made accordingly to satisfy the needs of target groups.
  • the number of attendees at the 1st IMPACT conference: Over 40 attended 1st IMPACT conference to learn about IMPACT and its products. Feedback received for IMPACT products were positive.
  • Analysis of the questionnaire collated during the conference showed satisfactory results. Feedbacks are taken on board


It is the intention of the project consortium to carry out such conferences on a yearly basis so as to multiply the users of the MaritimeTraining platform. The expectation is in time a number of new products (ICT based) related to Maritime will be added to the platform with a decent dissemination and exploitation activities.

More news will be available in the coming months. 

15March 3rd IMPACT Partner meeting was held in Bled

The IMPACT project 3rd partner meeting was held in Bled, Slovenia on 19 November 2012 alongside the 1st International Maritime Conference.

It is now 11 months since the IMPACT project began. The project comes to an end next months in December 2012.  The partners are committed to conclude the project as planned and carry out the intended post-funding development work after the project funding ends in December.

All partners were present at the partner meeting; discussing the remaining tasks to be carried out before the project comes to an end in December.  The sustainability plan is in place to be implemented soon after the project final meeting.  

The Agenda for the partner meeting included the following topics:  

  • Dissemination and Exploitation activities
  • Review of MaritimeTraining Platform
  • Invitation of new projects/products
  • Discussion on 1st International Maritime Training Conference, planned for 20 November 2012
  • Final Report submission


At the end of the partner meeting, partners briefly discussed the Conference, which is expected to take place next day on 20th November 2012.

More news will be available in the coming months. 

15March IAMU Conference in Canada

Satakunta University of Applied Science (SUAS) presented IMPACT platform in International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) Conference which was held in St. John’s, Newfoundlands, in Canada in October 2012.

The IMPACT project funded by European Union continues to go ahead. Lately, the platform and its selected products were disseminated at one of the major conference held in Canada in October 2012.  The conference theme titled “Expanding Frontiers: Challenges and Opportunities in Maritime Education and Training” was primarily focussed on the recent STCW10 changes, known as Manila Amendments, and its impact on Maritime Education and Training (MET).

A paper was published in the conference proceedings which were written with collaborative work of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF), TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies (TUDEV) as being three major partners of the IMPACT project.

The paper mainly focussed on discussing the problems associated with the lack of ICT based maritime training products as well as not having a platform to promote them. The number of selected products were also introduced and discussed in the paper e. MarTEL, EGMDSS, MarENG, MEP and NetOSKAR – which are all part of the MaritimeTraining platform.

The paper can be downloaded here.

15March IMPACT was presented at SeaTechWeek

SeaTechWeek was held between 8-12 October in Brest, France – Jane O’Keeffe attended the event representing National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI).


Jane O’Keeffe and Alain Pomes (Director of CEFCM - Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime) holding MarTEL and MEP brochures – Photo Grainne Lynch

More than 1,500 participants attended the International Marine Science and Technology Week held in Brest on 8–12 October 2012. There were 5 thematic workshops:

  • Marine renewable energies
  • Underwater remote sensing and mapping
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Maritime safety
  • Maritime E-learning

The Maritime e-Learning event was organised by the University of Western Brittany (UBO) with the aim of fostering a common understanding of maritime training in the Atlantic Area. The areas of training that are addressed include maritime commercial training, naval training, fisheries training and training for the offshore sector. All sectors of the maritime training community were represented.

In bringing the various aspects of training together, to network and share knowledge, the common goals of the representatives were also demonstrated in an online learning tool highlighting 4 themes: Human Resources Management, Risk Assessment, Protection of environment and fight against marine pollution, Health and medical care on board ship.

Moreover, the importance of standardizing maritime training within Europe was stressed at the conference. This standardization has been asked for by the representatives of the fishing industry as well as by the merchant navy shipowners and the naval forces from each country represented, whether Irish, Portuguese, Spanish or French.

The International Maritime Training Conference

The International Maritime Training Conference will take place on 19th/20th November 2012 in Bled, Slovenia. The International Maritime Training Conference is organised by Spinaker d.o.o with support from MaritimeTraining Platform partners.

The International Maritime Training Conference aims to promote and share good practice and transnational cooperation in the field of the application of ICT learning and assessment products to maritime training.

The ultimate aim of the Conference is to improve the level of safety at sea worldwide, enhance the standards in Maritime Education and Training (MET) Institutions as well as increasing the mobility of seafarers across Europe and Worldwide.

More details on The International Maritime Conference is provided below:

International Maritime Training Conference in Bled, Slovenia

Welcome Reception and Dinner: Monday, 19th November 2012 at 18:30 - 21:30 CET time

Full Day Conference: Tuesday, 20th November 2012 at 08:30 - 16:30 CET time

More information is available at 


IMPACT products scored?

A number of ICT based maritime vocational education and training (MVET) products are being evaluated and scored according to the good practice criteria with intention of promoting a number of resources through this online platform.

The intention of the MaritimeTraining platform is to achieve a high level of educational value in terms of assisting life-long learning objectives for the maritime community. At this stage, new submitted products on the MaritimeTraining platform are being evaluated and scored according to the good practice criteria of the platform.

“A good practice is defined as a practice that offers solution to an identified problem or deficiency or introduces or defined a new problem or deficiency”.

Current selected products of the MaritimeTraining Platform after successfully passing from Good Practice Criteria are:

• MarTEL (Maritime Test of English)

• EGMDSS (Short and Long Range GMDSS Certification)

• NetOSKAR (Maritime Competence Assessment Tool)

• MarEng and MarEng Plus (Maritime English Learning Tools)

• MEP (Maritime Training Courses)

A several more products were received from several organisations for evaluations such as M’aider (, SURPASS (, Captains ( and Sail Ahead ( These products will be evaluated in accordance with the quality criteria set. If successful, they will be promoted under MaritimeTraining platform.

If you are a project consortium, an MET institution or an individual and have worked or are working on an innovative ICT based maritime training product and you want to promote it; you can submit it to MaritimeTraining platform consortium for evaluation. Visit “Good practice” section for more information. All submitted products will be studied by the project consortium and will be assessed through a set of quality criteria and, will be promoted by MaritimeTrainng platform if it passes the quality threshold.

More news will be available in future newsletters in the forthcoming months.

IMLA20 Conference

TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies (TUDEV) disseminated the IMPACT Platform and its products in International Maritime Lecture Association (IMLA20) Conference in Terschelling, the Netherlands.

The IMLA conferences offer a perfect platform to exchange information on all developments in the field of international maritime subjects. It provides a platform in what is believed as one of the most suitable conference environments for discussions with all those concerned with maritime education and training development and good practice.  The conference in Terschelling, The Netherlands, was a week long event and drew around 100 delegates from all over the world.  The participants were from senior representatives of international and European maritime community as well as national Government representatives including several senior lecturers, researchers and students.

TUDEV presented a paper called “IMPACT: Integrated Maritime Platform for Innovative Training Products” to inform the audience on the aims of the project as well as the selected products. The audience received the project aims and objectives well and further information was provided to interested parties (i.e. project and product leaflets). Discussions did taken place on the IMPACT project with senior decision makers and followed by several correspondences with senior persons at IMO, EU and several senior MET administrators.

A copy of the paper produced by C4FF and TUDEV and the presentation is available at the following links:

The IMLA20 paper can be downloaded here.

The IMLA20  presentation can be downloaded here.

More news will be available shortly in the coming months. 

IMPACT 2nd Partner Meeting


The 2nd IMPACT partner meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 21-23 May in 2012. All partners were present to discuss the progress made as well as the future project work plan.

The meeting was held in parallel to European Maritime Day 2012 where the partners were able to introduce IMPACT Platform as well as their own products. In the meeting, partners carefully reviewed the work done to-date and agreed with the tasks allocated to them till the end of the project according to current work plan.

Discussions were mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Establishment of Steering Committee: Review of the Committee decisions and discussions through online teleconferencing
  • Shared Area: Illustration of Shared Area to partners
  • Project Website: Current website was reviewed and further enhancements
  • Social Media: IMPACT Facebook and twitter accounts were reviewed for further enhancements
  • Conference Papers: Papers to be written was discussed and planned (IMLA20, IAMU and Smart Ocean Conference in Norway)
  • Dissemination materials: Brochures and Roller Banners were reviewed and finalised. They are ready for printing.
  • Quality Manual: Manual was reviewed and finalised.  The partners can now refer to it when work on their tasks.
  • Dissemination and Valorisation Plans: Both plans were discussed and are being finalised.
  • Quarterly progress updates: 1st Quarterly progress updates was reviewed and 2nd to be produced after the first 6-month of the Project is concluded.
  • 1st IMPACT Conference: A brief discussion took place by the project consortium and it was agreed that the Slovenian partner will host the event and prepare the coordination plan for it.  The Conference will take place in November 2012. 

Additionally, internal and external evaluations of the project in line with the requirement for the final report were discussed and actions were agreed accordingly.

At the end of the meeting, Steering Committee members held a meeting. All members of Steering Committee were invited and several joined the meeting through online teleconferencing.

More news will be available in the forthcoming months.