IMPACT Dissemination at the European Maritime Day 2012 event

IMPACT Partners disseminated the IMPACT Project at Gothenburg, Sweden at European Maritime Day 2012. It included joining RORO event – where the future of the industry was under the spotlight.

The European Maritime Day is celebrated annually. Gothenburg, Sweden, hosted the event this year with the attendees from all over the world.  The purpose is to highlight the importance of the seas and oceans and the challenges facing maritime regions and sectors. Several events were organised across Europe and the main event is held in one place, in the form of a high level meeting and a stakeholder conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Sustainable growth from the oceans, seas and the coasts: Blue growth”.

IMPACT Partners disseminated the IMPACT Platform in European Maritime Day in 20th, 21st and 22nd of May in Gothenburg, Sweden. Professor Ziarati from TUDEV had discussions with senior representatives of several European countries and arrangements have been made to discuss the outcome of IMPACT Platform at the 1st IMPACT Conference in Slovenia.  Leaflets and other dissemination materials were distributed to the participants.

During the European Maritime Day, partners attended RORO Conference. Dissemination activities involved discussions with senior industrialists at RORO - where the future of industry was under the spotlight.

More news about IMPACT is available in following months.


From left to right: Dip Ing Alecos Michaelides, Permanent Secretary, Republic of Cyprus, Professor Dr Reza Ziarati and Professor Bjorn Kjerfve, President of World Maritime University at the world Maritime Day, Gothenburg.


Professor Dr Ziarati, directing questions at keynote speakers discussing lack of major mineral discoveries in recent years.