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Good Practice Scoring

Interested parties may submit their product or service for evaluation at any time.   All submissions will be evaluated against the Good Practice Criteria as published on this website.

The criteria are graded using the Likert Rating Scale from 1 to 5 to assess each award criterion.  The scoring system is defined as follows:

1:   Very weak:           Significant deficiencies

2:   Weak:                   Addresses the criterion but with some weaknesses

3:   Acceptable:          Addresses the criterion satisfactorily

4:   Good:                    Addresses the criterion with some aspects of high quality

5:   Very good:           Addresses the criterion with all aspects of high quality

The total score for the project is the sum of the scores given to the 10 main performance criteria. The maximum total points that a product or service may obtain is 50.

Using the good practice criteria, the minimum total points that a product or service may obtain to successfully be accepted in the IMPACT network is 30. The product should also score 3 or more from the each criteria.