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Good Practice Criteria

For a Maritime training product to be selected as a good practice and included on this MaritimeTraining platform, the ten quality criteria that need to be met are provided below:

1. Performance:

Users target group (s) and/or awarding body views the product positively and acceptable. 

2. Benefits:

All tangible and intangible benefits (deliverables/outcomes) have been achieved.

3. Features and Novelties:

All features of the product are present and supported by guidelines or learning material or technologies used, were the main features considered as state of art or novel.

4. Reliability:

Product is reliable both in IT terms and content terms. 

5. Serviceability:

The service issues of the product have been taken into account and the product can be serviced and up-dated.

6. Ease of use:

There is evidence that ease of use is taken into consideration and that the product is user friendly

7. Number of users:

The product is used or expected to be used by the user target group(s).

8. Accessibility:

 The product can be accessed by the user/target groups.  

9. Conformance:

The product satisfied all its specifications and if there were variations these were justified.

10. Maintenance/Enhancement:

There are steps and plans to make sure the product is developed and maintained.