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Product Summary


MEP project provides high quality educational materials in e-learning platform in certain subjects. The project provides improvement of quality of maritime educational material, co-operation between maritime educational institutions, an innovative virtual learning space filled with high quality e-learning sources.

The project has set of learning materials available online to improve competency of seafarers in maritime subjects across Europe. Lecturers and maritime students in maritime institutions update their knowledge continuously from relevant media. 

Product Details

MEP aimed to deliver on-line learning in key areas related to STCW course content in the following areas:

·         LNG  -  Liquefied Natural Gas 

·         AIS - Automatic Identifications System 

·         ISM - International Safety Management 

·         Navigational Aids

·         Satellite Navigation Systems

·         Maritime Policy

  •   Marine pollution caused by ships' emissions.  

Key Words

LNG  -  Liquefied Natural Gas  

AIS  -  Automatic Identifications System 

ISM  - International Safety Management 

Key Activities

EU funding Start Date: March 2008

EU funding End Date: Nov 2010 

Target Group

Nautical Science students and lecturers,

Navigation professionals 

Educational institutions



Product Partner

STC Group, Rotterdam;

National Maritime College of Ireland;

Turun Yliopisto;

Estonian Maritime Academy;

Constanta Maritime University;

Hogskolen i Alesund.  

Product Score

Product scored well to be included in the MaritimeTraining Platform


The product materils can be accessed from the following link: