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Project Progress at Post Funding Stage

The Project has officially ended by February 2013 and final report has been submitted to EC (EACEA) for evaluation and grading.

The Project has led to MaritimeTraining platform ( where a number of products are included related to maritime. The platform has its own unique assessment system for evaluating any ICT based project funded by the EU. When any project funded by EU is submitted for evaluation, they are evaluated with a set criteria to be selected as “Good Practice” product where they will eventually be promoted in the MaritimeTraining Platform. For more information please visit:

The platform was recently presented at European Maritime Day 2013 in a workshop. It received a decent interest from the audience. A number of leaflets were distributed and individual contacts made during the event are being enlighten with more information on platform.

The platform is being maintained at post funding stage with news and updates. New products are being added to the platform once they are available. The existing products of the platform are open to public and introduced below:

  • MarTEL (Maritime Test of English)
  • EGMDSS (Short and Long Range GMDSS Certification)
  •  NetOSKAR (Maritime Competence Assessment Tool)
  • MarEng and MarEng Plus (Maritime English Learning Tools)
  • MEP (Maritime Training Courses)
  • M’aider (Maritime Aid’ Development for Emergency Responses)
  • Surpass (Training in Ship Automation)
  • CAPTAINS (Communication and Practical Training Applied in Nautical Studies)
  • Rank-UP (Creating Career Opportunities for Able Seafarers)


More information about each selected product of MaritimeTraining, please follow the link:


If you are a project consortium, a MET or an individual and have worked or working on an innovative maritime product based on Information, Communication Technology (ICT) and you want to promote it, you can submit it to IMPACT consortium for evaluation. Visit for more information. 

You can download:

More news will be available in the coming months.