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IMPACT was presented at SeaTechWeek

SeaTechWeek was held between 8-12 October in Brest, France – Jane O’Keeffe attended the event representing National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI).


Jane O’Keeffe and Alain Pomes (Director of CEFCM - Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime) holding MarTEL and MEP brochures – Photo Grainne Lynch

More than 1,500 participants attended the International Marine Science and Technology Week held in Brest on 8–12 October 2012. There were 5 thematic workshops:

  • Marine renewable energies
  • Underwater remote sensing and mapping
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Maritime safety
  • Maritime E-learning

The Maritime e-Learning event was organised by the University of Western Brittany (UBO) with the aim of fostering a common understanding of maritime training in the Atlantic Area. The areas of training that are addressed include maritime commercial training, naval training, fisheries training and training for the offshore sector. All sectors of the maritime training community were represented.

In bringing the various aspects of training together, to network and share knowledge, the common goals of the representatives were also demonstrated in an online learning tool highlighting 4 themes: Human Resources Management, Risk Assessment, Protection of environment and fight against marine pollution, Health and medical care on board ship.

Moreover, the importance of standardizing maritime training within Europe was stressed at the conference. This standardization has been asked for by the representatives of the fishing industry as well as by the merchant navy shipowners and the naval forces from each country represented, whether Irish, Portuguese, Spanish or French.