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Product Summary

 The CAPTAINS product provides a number of Maritime English training solutions for seafarers. The courses contain animations, simulations and scenarios based on research into real life accidents, in order to improve seafarer’s proficiency in English. This includes an interactive 3D game set on the bridge of a ship, and a virtual environment that you can explore through an avatar.

The course materials and content are available free of charge as both an online and offline (standalone) course. The online course is supported by an e-learning platform, KWEBO, which facilitates collaborative and communicative learning between learners. The CAPTAINS e-learning platform and online coursed can be found at the CAPTAINS website

A downloadable version of the CAPTAINS course (standalone version) is also available on the website. Once the software has been downloaded to your computer, you can then study without the need for an internet connection.

Product Details

 The platform currently integrates a number of components:

·         Learning Management System (LMS)

·         Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication and Collaboration tools and services for internal Learning and User Communities, such as:

-          Chatting

-          Video Conference

-          Virtual Class

-          Whiteboard

-          Discussion Forums

-          Email

-          Notifications

-          Calendar

-          Notes

-          Internal Communities Management


·         Collaborative Authoring Tools and Services, such as:

-          Blogs

-          Wikis

-          Podcasts

-     -          Vidcasts

Key Words



LMS (Learning Management System)


CLT (communicative Language Teaching)


Key Activities

 A paper titled ‘CAPTAINS - Communication and Practical Training Applied in Nautical Studies’ was published and presented at BRIDGE2011 Conference.

A paper titled ‘Building the intercultural dimension in new learning tools for seafarers: The captain’s platform for maritime English’ was written and published at ECONSHIP2011 Conference.

A number of papers were written and published in IMEC2011 Conference:

·         Ziarati, M., Ziarati, R., Bigland, O., Acar, U. “Communication and Practical Training Applied in Nautical Studies”

·         Sihmantepe, A., Sernikli, S., Ziarati, R. “Building Maritime English by Event Simulation"

·         Iakovaki, H. “New Tools for New Seafarers:Presenting the Captain’s Platform for Maritime English”

Target Group

 Non-native speakers of English in the seafaring career.

 Navigation professionals 

Product Partner

1.      University of the Aegean (AEGEAN) 

2.      Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF)

3.      Athens Information Technology (AIT),

4.      TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies,

5.      1st Evening Vocational Senior School of English (EPAL),

6.      Osrodeck Prac Rozwojowych (OPR – Centre for Development Works),

7.      University of Cadiz (UCA), Bureau of Vocational Training,

8.      3rd Sector of Athens, Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning (BVT)

Product Score

 Product scored well and is now part of MaritimeTraining platform. 


 Project website can be accessed from the following link: