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Product Summary

 The SURPASS automation training course has been designed to improve maritime training in the area of automated ship systems, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to work successfully with automated systems on board vessels.

Modern ships are becoming increasingly automated; conversely seafarers rarely understand the characteristics of automated systems and their weaknesses and limitations, which have been found to be a main cause of accidents and incidents.

SURPASS can increase operational efficiency through clear and comprehensive instruction in automation systems; by taking this course, you can award yourself greater responsibility while increasing safety on board, and be resassured that you are knowledgeable about such systems in the event of automation failure.

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Product Details

 The SURPASS course is now available in both online and PC formats, the latter for when there is no or little access to ship simulators or when Internet access is not available. The course is divided into two parts:

·         Instrumentation and Control System in Commercial Ships for Navigation Officers

·         Instrumentation and Control System in Commercial Ships for Engineering Officers

The course includes a number of chapters that are available for use in both classroom and online learning. The course includes a number of scenarios developed from real accidents reports/cases. Each scenario has a number of self-assessments exercises to support the learning process.

All of the above scenarios are available for both Navigation and Engineering Officers.

Key Words

 Ship Automation

Accident Scenarios

On-line learning


Maritime training

Key Activities

 SURPASS was presented at 1st International Mermaid Congress and this enabled the project to be disseminated at the Congress.

A paper was presented and published at HPAS 2010 Conference in Scotland  in June 2010

SURPASS was presented at 130 Year Jubliee of Maritime Education in Rauma with International guests in attendance in September 2010.

A paper was produced and published at International Conference IMLA 19 Opatija 2011 on September 2011.

Final Conference was held in Turkish Industrial Chamber in Turkey with over hundred individuals from representing various universities, companies, stakeholders attended the meeting across the world. 

Target Group

 Seafarers of all ranks, MET Institutions, MET Providers


Product Partner

 1. TUDEV – Türk Deniz Eğitim Vakfı Deniz Eğitim Merkezi

2. Centre For Factories of the Future (C4FF)

3. Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS)

4. Plymouth University (PU)

5. Spinaker d.o.o. (SPIN)

6. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) 

Product Score

 Product scored well and is now part of MaritimeTraining platform. 



 Project website can be accessed from the following link: