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Product Summary

M’aider (Maritime Aids’ Development for Emergency Responses)

When accidents are analysed in depth, it can be clearly seen that the development of a training programme for Deck Officers cannot be based upon theory alone; it requires a relevance to real life situations and scenarios, to better identify key areas of error and deficiencies that lead to accidents.

This is the strength of the M’aider product, which can make you, as a seafarer, directly responsible for greater safety at sea and on board any vessel on which you operate.

The M'aider course contains simulations of actual accidents, incidents and near-misses to enable training in the aforementioned aspects of seafaring. This better prepares crew members to deal with emergency situations and ultimately, improve safety at sea as.

The learning materials are provided through full-mission simulators in an e-learning environment.

The M’aider product website can be found at

Product Details

M’aider has 10 scenarios which are available both in a full mission simulation and e-learning exercise. These include collisions, near miss and grounding scenarios. Users are able to watch the simulated scenario online and take the complementary tests: The details of the scenarios are as follows:

·         Collision in the Dover Strait: Scot Isles and Wadi Halfa

·         Collision in the Elbe Basin: Arctic Ocean and Maritime Lady

·         Collision with wreck in the Elbe Basin: Sunny Blossom with Maritime Lady

·         Collision in the Dover Strait: Norwegian Dream and Ever Decent

·         Collision near the Zhoushan Islands: CSCL Hamburg – Lian Hua Feng (only available on bridge simulators)

·         Collision in the Taiwan Strait: Lykes Voyager – Washington Senator

·         Collision in the East China Sea: Hyundai Dominion and Sky Hope

·         Near-miss in the Dover Strait: Maersk Dover – Apollonia / Maersk Vancouver

·         Near-miss in the Dover Strait: Costa Atlantica and Grand Neptune

·         Grounding in the Singapore Strait: Mearsk Kendal 

Key Words

Accident Scenarios

On-line learning


Maritime training

Key Activities

2nd partner meeting was held in June 2010 alongside the HPAS 2010 Conference. A paper was produced for the conference “International Conference on human performance”.

In June 2010, A M’aider article was published in Turkish Shipping World Magazine titled as “Commences the M'aider”. Read the article

In June 2011, A M’aider article was published in Turkish Shipping Magazine titled as “Learning from accidents”.

In September 2011, A M’AIDER paper was published and presented in IMLA 19 Conference titled as “Developing Scenarios Based on Real Emergency Situations”. 

Target Group

Seafarers at any ranks,

MET Institutions,

MET Providers


Product Partner

1. Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB)

2. Centre For Factories of the Future (C4FF)

3. TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies

4. Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA)

5. Strathclyde University (SU)

6. IDEC S.A.

7. Spinaker d.o.o. (SPIN)

Product Score

 Product scored well and is now part of MaritimeTraining platform.



 Project website can be accessed from the following link: